Meet the Pipers

Our family of Potatoes, inspiring all children to be creative

"We exist to turn children’s imaginations into anything possible" - Mrs Piper

Experts of creativity, we ran a creative design competition with our colleagues at Potato Print to find the face of the Potato Print brand and the name. But we got a lot more than a face, we got a family!

In keeping with their roots, they are called, The Pipers.

Their job is to inspire children to be creative and help them on their learning journey.

Name: Chip

Age: 1

Favourite hobby: Drinking milk

Likes to: Play Peek-a-boo

Loves: Cuddles

Dislikes: Mashed potato

Wants to be a: Super Hero Baby

Is very: Noisy

Is good at: Blowing Bubbles

Name: Charlotte

Age: 6

Favourite hobby: Drawing

Likes to: Colour outside the lines

Loves: Creating

Dislikes: Fries

Wants to be a: Fairy popstar

Is very: Confident

Is good at: Handstands

Name: Arran

Age: 9

Favourite hobby: Exploring

Likes to: Be outside

Loves: Challenges

Dislikes: Potato waffles

Wants to be an: Inventor, skater, footballer, spaceman and some other stuff he hasn't imagined yet

Is very: Funny

Is good at: Building Lego

Name: Edward

Age: Old enough

Favourite hobby: Inventing

Likes to: Cook

Loves: Fixing problems

Dislikes: Deep-fat-fryers

Wants to be a: Scientist

Is very: Clever

Is good at: Baking in the sun

Name: Dauphine

Age: Prefer not to disclose

Favourite hobby: Singing

Likes to: Paint

Loves: Being perfectly imperfect

Dislikes: Soggy school runs

Wants to be a: Role model

Is very: Proud

Is good at: Keeping her eyes peeled

Take the Pipers Poll with your child to find out what type of pet The Pipers would have - then submit your results to us for the chance for your child to bring that pet into The Pipers family!

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