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Connecting children, teachers
and parents through creativity

collaborating to improve and inspire children's creativity

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Our most popular personalised gifts

  • For the fridge

    Paper artwork can get damaged over time, turn your child's artwork into fridge magnets to display forever.

  • For the coffee table

    Create a book to showcase your child's creativity and give them something to be proud of in their hands.

  • For the wall

    Turn your child's creations into wall displays for their bedroom, the playroom or the office - fill the walls with their potential.

  • For the heart

    Wrapped up in creativity!

    A great way to make any gift feel sentimental.


We exist to inspire your children's creativity

because creativity builds creative problem solvers

Potato Print is made up of parents...  so we understand.

Parents told us they need help to inspire their children to think creatively.

Some parents just don't know how to help children do this...that's where we come in.

With over 70 creative designers, former teachers and parents under one roof at Potato Print - we know a thing or two about creativity and how to unlock the potential in children.

We know how difficult it can be on those rainy days to engage our children, so we have made it really easy for you with access to our FREE creative activities - that even improve your child's wellbeing!

We wanted to take the imaginative journey that one step further. Unlocking imagination is one thing, but bringing that to life is another. At Potato Print, we bring creativity to life by helping children and parents turn their imaginations into special keepsakes. There is something about the idea of a child dreaming up something in their imagination and then showing them it is possible to actually create it.

Wouldn't it be great, to prove to every child that anything is possible?

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Share and See
Soon you can share artwork
your child does
at home or at school
with family and teachers –
they can share it with you, too!
Scan and Track
Our artwork scanning app
is almost ready!
View your child’s creative
development in one place as they
continue to grow.
Invite and Natter
Invite friends and family
to join and share
your proudest moments
with those that truly care
and hear what they think.
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Rainy days, sorted!
Supporting wellbeing, inspiring creativity

Activities for children to do on their own or with their parents

The more we encourage creativity, the longer it will stay!

A NASA study suggests that as adults, we only use 2% of our creativity, compared to the 98% used at age 4-5, when children are considered creative geniuses - I know, it blew our minds, too! This makes primary age children amazing problem solvers...

As children develop life experience, they tend to solve problems based on 'how they have seen others do it' or 'how they did it last time' - so, problem solving becomes harder.

Potato Print inspires creativity in children to feed that inner creative genius, so that it sticks around for a lot longer.

Our FREE activities are designed by parents, for parents and have been tried and tested by teachers. But most importantly, children have tested our activities and have given us the green light!

Let's Get Creative
  • Write down how you feel

    Being a child can be confusing. Writing thoughts and feelings down, helps children recognise and understand them.

  • Become the author of your own book

    Imagine holding a book in your hands that looks just like the ones on your school bookshelf, and seeing your name on the front cover as the author and illustrator. Well, maybe you can now!

  • Draw your own comic book

    Bang! Boom! Pow! What comic sounds will you create for your comic book?

  • Write your own book review

    Perfect for budding writers or children that love to read. Share your review with friends and family and have fun.

  • Make a monster

    Research some of your favourite monsters from films and story books, then with mum, dad or a friend - bring the monster to life!

  • Create your own memory cards

    Draw 12 pieces of artwork, then create them into a memory game.


What families are saying about Potato Print

Making it easy for you to be creative with your child

  • Dad, Warrington

    “My daughter, Erin took part in the pilot of Potato Print and has been so excited for its launch so that she can get back online to create her stories into real books. She spent hours creating projects, drawing and using her imagination!”

  • Grandparent, Kettering

    "The best part about Potato Print are the activities, when you're stuck for something to do with the kids, there's plenty of fun ideas for them to do and for us to do with them."

  • Mum, Huntingdon

    "It's seeing the finished book in my child's hands, watching their eyes light up with pride and disbelief. You can see that moment where they say 'I did that, its possible for me' and that's what got me."