Our activities have been designed with children and parents in mind.

Get stuck in with some of our FREE activities below.

Rainy day activities

  • Gratitude attitude

    An important part of children believing in themselves, is feeling positive about themselves.

    Great activity for some quiet time before bedtime for children to reflect and appreciate.

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  • Ready, steady, POTATO!

    What better way to connect with our Potato Print family, The Pipers, than to create your own version!

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  • Write your own comic

    Become your own superhero! Pow! Slap! Boom! Boof!

    What comic sounds will you create?

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  • Short Story

    Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes - just like potatoes! A great way to unlock a child's imagination is through reading and writing.

    This short story, once complete, can then be created into a real book! Just look at our premium activities below for more info.

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  • Drawing prompts

    Creative block? Download our drawing prompts sheet and unlock your inner creative.

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  • Animals game (min 2 players)

    Write down lots of animals that live on land, sea or sky. Who can score the most points for guessing their habitats?!

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  • Guess the dinosaur

    Lovely little parent and child activity.

    Read, chat, play and colour in!

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  • Shadow'saurs!

    Whether it be toy dinosaurs or other toys from the playbox, take them outside in the sunshine in the summer holidays and recreate their shadows - then colour them in to create new characters!

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  • Wellbeing boost

    Feelings should be shared!

    Being a child is confusing sometimes. Talking or writing about how you feel helps you recognise and understand yourself more.

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  • Reduce, reuse, recycle

    This activity has been designed by a teacher. Suitable for children age 7-11.

    Get arty and turn some old boxes into something new and learn all about recycling at the same time.

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  • Make a monster

    Research some of your favourite monsters from films and story books, then with mum, dad or a friend - bring the monster to life!

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  • Class Dragon

    This activity has been designed by a teacher. Suitable for children age 5-7.

    This activity is perfect for the classroom, a group of children or a parent and child activity.

    Discover your very own dragon that lives inside your imagination!

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  • Discover the rainforest

    Discover, build, draw and learn all about our beautiful rainforests.

    Once you have drawn your rainforest poster, why not upload it to Potato Print and order a super professional print!

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  • Pollution solution

    This activity has been designed by a teacher. Suitable for children age 7 -11.

    It's a rainy day and you're looking for something for your child to do that also helps them learn - this is just what you're looking for.

    The climate is changing and we can help! Afterwards, why not ask you child to draw a brand-new reusable bottle - what would it be called?

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Premium Activities

Explore our premium activities that you can create with your child, personalise and purchase for you to then enjoy together in person.

  • Memory Playing Cards

    This is an enhanced activity that helps children feel like they really are turning their imagination into reality. 

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  • Write-a-Story

    A great activity for parent and child. Spend around 30 minutes having fun by creating the story together, then another 30 minutes drawing pictures and transforming the story into a real book that can be shared with family and friends.

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