Teaming up with schools,
inspiring creativity

Giving teachers more time and resources

Improving student wellbeing and creative development

Simple, all-year-round fundraising

Parents and teachers told us they needed help...
so we listened.

Parents told us they needed help to inspire their children to think creatively.

Teachers spend a huge amount of time administering creative projects in schools and wished there was ‘something’ to make it easier.

We held creative workshops with children at school and found that with encouragement and stimulation, children were more likely to respond using their imagination and found passion for creative problem solving.

Our team of over 70 creative designers, former teachers and parents, are experts in creativity and sentiment. We truly care about making a positive impact on children.

And so, Potato Print was born.

  • Creativity at your fingertips

    FREE access to our curated and trusted creative activities designed in line with Key Stages of the curriculum – perfect for activities in the classroom, or at home!

  • Saving you time

    Our platform gives parents quick access to their childs’ keepsakes and they can buy school products online, saving bundles of admin time for your teaching staff, giving you more time to put back into what truly matters.

  • Simple, all-year-round fundraising

    Keepsakes made at home or at school turned into gifts – simple and easy!

  • Keep in touch

    Share the artwork students create at school with parents at the click of a button, helping teachers and parents work together to celebrate children’s achievements (coming in the new school term, 2022!)

Swap administering fundraising activities, for enjoying children's creativity

No more will you have to spend time administering Christmas card fundraising activities. Now everything can be done by parents directly using Potato Print online! So you can say goodbye to collating the drawings children do, sending them to a supplier, receiving them back at reception and then handing out to parents. From now on, artwork can be uploaded online directly onto products, personalised by teachers, children or parents before parents pay for the high-quality keepsakes online. Simple, school fundraising!

Schools will receive an all-year-round fundraising stream from every fundraising or personalised gifting purchase a parent makes, whether it is a school product, or a product they have created themselves.

Signing-up is simple. Just contact a member of our team and we can sort it all out for you.

Teacher Reviews

  • Ermine Street Primary

    “The children loved using it in the
    class, they were so excited, they especially loved the Pipers.”

    - Kim Roberts

  • Locking Stumps Community Primary School

    "Imaingation is so important so anything that promotes creativity is good. What I like about Potato Print is that it is really simple."

    - Jamie Vermiglio

  • Symphony Trust

    "Potato Print is a no-brainer."

    - Tim Sutcliffe

  • St Monica's RC Primary

    "Using Potato Print was amazing! It's easy to navigate around the website and put together, using children's work, your own items that you wish to purchase. Items brought smiles to many faces, seeing children's work live! The quality of the items is exceptional, especially with the prices being so affordable. I would 100% recommend using Potato Print."

    - Ana Ribeiro

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